Steps to Rehabilitation

Here are some suggestions towards a successful recovery:

Make a Plan

When one is in the grips of dependence and scared of the damage it is causing, it is very easy to simply focus on getting detox’ed. However, to focus on this alone is a major reason why most people relapse into dependence. One’s state of mind prior to treatment and after treatment are completely different. So one needs to outwit the inevitable and make a plan for recovery.

In effect, one needs a support cushion to fall back onto and not an empty void which drugs helped to fill in the first place. We can forget the reasons why we took drugs to begin with. But one thing is for sure. They will almost certainly return.

A plan for recovery needs to cover all the bases such as psychological support, emotional support and motivation for life. A simple plan might include a weekly meeting with a support counsellor discussing the issues one is facing without the use of drugs. This simple arrangement can be the difference between success and failure and to overlook it is basically undermining one’s own success.

Further supoort might be had from group encounter meetings. However, where these are held at drug rehabilitation clinics, it may be advisable not to attend as an environment where people are using is a serious cause of relapse. Try and find a counsellor in a new environment free from drugs, symbolising your new healthy state of mind.

Remember, the first 3 months post treatment are the most open for psychological change.

Work and health are 2 areas which can make a huge impact in recovery. Consider them carefully.

Know What You Seek!

An ibogaine session is a receptacle for your soul to find answers and a certain resolution. it is important therefore that the soul be primed in order to take advantage of the ibogaine energy. The detox itself requires little or no intention as it is a physical process. However, the psychospiritual side of the session does.

There are a number of ways this can be achieved one of which is to start a journal. Begin by listing every issue that comes to your mind every hour of the day in the days leading up to the session. After you have written down a few hundred ideas perhaps and feel you have exhausted your issues, reduce that list to a manageable number and finally, select a prime subset of issues that are most important to you.

This whole process has the effect of wakening up the soul in time for the opportunity that awaits it to begin it’s healing.

Avoid Places You Associate With Drugs.

Avoid all places which you associate with drug use as they can trigger the desire to use again. While it may seem obvious, it can be overlooked. If one walks into a pub, its unlikely one will not think of buying a drink especially if its late in the day. Likewise with drugs. This is a common trap. Forewarned is forarmed.

Delete All Supplier Details From Agenda.

Before undergoing treatment, and aware of why you seek treatment, delete all drug dealer contact details from your mobile or agenda. Tell then beforehand you are leaving town or whatever to get them off your back. Change your phone numbers if necessary. Free yourself!

Move Home If Drugs Are In The Neighbourhood.

If you live in a neighbourhood where drugs are in your face, move to a new neighbourhood if possible before treatment. On your return you will notice and appreciate the difference. It will make remaining abstinent a lot more enjoyable.

Drop Drug-Using Associates.

Anyone you hang around with, who is a user, needs to be dropped for the simple reason they will pester you to use with them. You don’t need that kind of pressure. Make new friends.

Develop Your Inner World.

Obviously drugs alleviated the need for relaying on one’s own resources and these resources are best built up by developing one’s own iner world. For some this may mean taking up a martial art. For others, sports or other cweative activities. Whatever makes you tick, do it!

Emotional Intelligence & Co-Dependency.

It’s quite natural that ones personal development has suffered setbacks in some areas due to prolonged periods of drug use. Indeed, this could be, in part, the reason for ones drug use. Also, during the time of drug taking it is almost certain that one has developed co-dependent relationships. Theroetically, neither of these two statements are absolutely true. However, if you feel they apply to you then obviously these are areas you need to work on in order to achieve a good result in the long run.